The Life of Yuliya Lime Part II, College and Beyond, Chapter 1 – Bad Influences


Author’s Note: The Life of Yuliya Lime Part II, The College Years and Beyond is not a Legacy, but a continuation of the previous series (The Life of Yuliya Lime, A Teen Series) which is  features Yuliya Lime, a young musician, her family, her friends, and the dramatic life she lives as she strives to reach her dream as a solo artist. This site is not directly affiliated with The Sims 3, it is just used as a tool for my stories. All stories you find here and on Simatic are written solely by me and if you wish to feature my characters in your stories please let me know, not only would I love to read them but I can link to your content as well. I do not take credit for any downloaded content seen in screenshots. I hope you enjoy reading the second part of this series as much as I did writing it. Thank you.- J.C.

Hey, it’s been a while. I’m Yuliya Lime, if you don’t already know and this is the continued story of my drama filled life. A lot has happened, but I know what you want to know about first. What happened with Dad’s possible love child with Michelle? Or maybe how Yanna is handling motherhood at sixteen? Don’t worry, I have all the updates and more.

So, stripper face…I mean Michelle Hawkins, Dad’s fling he had last fall gave birth to a baby on the same night as my sixteen year old sister gave birth to twin girls. Yeah, impeccable timing right? Not when it comes to this family. Dad got the test results and the survey said “ding” my dad’s DNA was definitely onboard. So yeah…I gained a half-brother whose other half might have slept with every man in Sunset Valley for all I know.

Dad is the kind of guy who always tries to do the right thing but somehow screw’s it up. Here is a perfect example: He get’s the results, calls Michelle, she throws a morning talk show fit on him about how “she told him and he was a jerk for denying it and because of that he was never seeing James”….yeah that went over real well with my father.

So, of course one afternoon I get the pleasure of joining my father in going over Michelle’s house (which isn’t much of a house…who paints their house pepto pink anyway). I waited in the car because I didn’t want to get an STD from sitting on the sofa if she even let us in. Michelle and Dad talk and she won’t let him in but brings James outside for him to see. Her boyfriend, who finally got out of jail, is not OK with this and comes out to start roughing up my Dad.

Dad get’s mad and tells Michelle that he isn’t going to have his son living in these conditions, being raised around some I quote “Punk with a idiot’s haircut” raising his kid. So, her boyfriend turns to Michelle and asks (Like she’s his parole officer) “Can I kick his ass?” Michelle is obviously still bitter over her and Dad’s sudden break up says “Sure, he deserves it anyway.”


So her boyfriend turns to my Dad and punches him strait in the face. I was frozen in fear. I know I should have gotten out of the car and ran over to help but what happened next shocked me so much I couldn’t move.  My Dad tackled him and started beating the living crap out of him. I have never seen a scrawny dorky guy like my dad do anything in the realm of this crazy (well besides knock up Michelle).

After getting his butt kicked by a guy about 20 pounds lighter and smarter, Michelle’s boyfriend limped into the house screaming for her to call the cops and threatened my Dad with a lawsuit. Long story short, Dad’s best friend Jake Kiral is the Police Chief of Sunset Valley, so of course he came down to see what happened, so he could number one-laugh, then re-arrest Michelle’s boyfriend for fighting on parole, ask my dad what the hell he was thinking, then say “You slept with Michelle too, man, half of Sunset Valley has had that…cute kid, are you SURE it’s your’s Ben?”

Dad wasn’t amused but came out of it with a few scrapes, bruises, a fractured wrist, a lawsuit and court.

Sunset Valley’s judge must have woo-hooed with Michelle too because he somehow believed she was capable of being a mother and a stripper and denied my father custody because of his “violent” outburst and made him go to anger management. Dad plans to take her back to court soon. Here is a recent picture of the little squirt. Cute…not sure where he got the black hair but I always suspected Michelle was a fake blond among other things..*cough*

Enough about that drama. So, my older sister Lilly just gave birth and is having yet another baby. She said she wants like seven kids…I always knew there was something wrong with her but I never thought she would take it to owning her own tribe of diaper filling demons.

Her first son, Benji is adorable and looks just like my Dad. Here he is in his high chair, naked, after we had an unfortunate food war with peas and carrots. I think my sister only left the gross baby food because she secretly wanted him to be a brat when I baby sat him. Is that the cutest pout you have ever seen or what?

At home, (yes I still live there) has turned into a day care center thanks to my sister Yanna and her two daughters. We have definitely out-grown the house with Dad, Mom (Yes, Mom and Dad settled their argument over Michelle with waffles and woo-hoo as usual and life carried on), Yanna, her boyfriend Brandon, and the twins Charlotte and Sasha and me, all living under one roof.

Surprisingly my sister has matured considerably yet not completely, after becoming a mother. She feeds, diapers, changes, wakes up in the middle of the night and both babies are still alive (with the help of us) so I consider her a good mother.

I do think Yanna favors Charlotte though. Charlotte is the quieter of the two babies. She likes to be read to and play with her doll house. She’s quite content on her own.

Then there is Sasha who is always into everything and fusses when she doesn’t get her way. She likes to get her toe-nails painted, and thinks she’s the princess. She is also a splitting image of Yanna…imagine that.

They get a lot of attention around our house and when we take them out. How could you not think they are adorable?

As for Yanna and Brandon, they are still going strong. I think Dad secretly wants to neuter Brandon so he doesn’t impregnate my sister anytime soon..or maybe ever again.

Dad went back to work, we all know he would after the court case with Michelle and also because he’s a work-a-holic. Being at home reading books and baby-sitting  just isn’t his thing.

There was also the upcoming mortgage payment on the new mansion he built for him and mom to grow old in. Yanna, Brandon, and their broodlings will be joining in the big move…but not me.

I decided it was my time to leave the nest, which didn’t go over well with my family. I signed a lease on my apartment across town in the college district. I worked a summer job to earn enough to buy furniture because my Dad wouldn’t pay for it in some evil attempt to get me to stay with them. It didn’t work…and on moving day my family couldn’t have made me feel worse.

The day I moved was a Saturday. I had the furniture already set up in my apartment and I was ready to go. I woke up to find my whole family watching cartoons on tv. Mind you Charlotte and Sasha were still asleep…

“Why are we watching The Adventures of Kook and Spongey?” I asked, blinking at the yellow buck-toothed sponge on TV.

“Nothing else was on.” Dad said.

“So today is the big moving day hmm Yuli?” Mom said with a tinge of hope I wouldn’t go in her voice.


“What are you gonna do for money Yuli now that you quit working at the diner? Rent is expensive.” Yanna said, before hysterically laughing at the cartoon antics. Yes, my sister’s maturity is cartoon-giggle level.

“I’ll find something,” I said with assurity. I didn’t care at the moment, I had enough saved for at least two-months rent.

“You know you won’t be able to come eat dinner with us every night. No one to cook for you anymore will be rough on the pockets Yuli.” Dad said.

“I know how to cook..Dad,” I said, starting to get annoyed. They acted like I was totally incompetent of taking care of myself, let alone I was the only one with out doing something completely stupid on my track record. “I cook my own dinner all the time.”

“Mac and cheese doesn’t count Yuli-balooey.”

“I cooked all the time at the diner!” I defended.

“Well as far as jobs go…you might wanna look for something steady. Don’t depend on that dream you had of selling your paintings. They are good…but I don’t think you’re at museum quality yet sweetheart.”

“I have my music too.” I said.

“Yeah, but what are the odds your going to get gigs? I spent months and month with out work when I was breaking out as a solo artist.” Mom said.

“You really should just come with us Yuli,” Yanna said. “We all know you’re gonna miss us when you finally move…and Ayhan spending the night sometimes isn’t gonna be enough.”

“Ayhan is spending the night sometimes?” Dad asked.

Ugh…I hate my sister.

“No, he lives in Riverview and I haven’t even seen him in a month. He won’t be spending the night.” I said, acting like my sister’s accusation was ludicrous.

 Ayhan and I still haven’t woo-hooed by the way. We tried to again but his parents came home early and a few days later he was packing his stuff to go to college in Riverview. We talk on the phone a few times a week…but things have been distant.

“Didn’t you say he was gonna spend the holidays in Sunset Valley?” Yanna mocked.

“I don’t know what he’s doing Yanna, for Llama’s sake, who cares…! I need to finish packing.” I couldn’t take another moment of their picking on me. I was moving and that was that!

I packed my suitcase and was on my way to the shower when my sister stopped me in the hall, carrying Charlotte.

“Did you finish packing so you can abandon me in this crazy house alone?”

“You can move out too.” I simply stated.

“Yeah right. What am I going to do? I wish I was moving out to go have fun in college and live with my boyfriend, party…”

“Let’s get something straight, I’m not living with Ayhan and I hate parties Yanna AND I don’t appreciate you telling Dad I’m gonna have Ayhan staying the night.”

“Yeah well it’s true right. You guys still haven’t done it yet…the big w00-hoo night is still gonna happen…”

“Yanna, shut up.”

“But seriously Yules…you moving out is gonna suck. You are our rock…were gonna miss you.”

I sighed. “I know, but it’s time Yanna. I need to get my career going, I need my own place so I can play my guitar when I want and I can have my bedroom light on past 11 and not have Dad poking his head in asking me if I want some warm milk to help me sleep!”

“I like warm milk…”

Mental head slap.

“The point is…I’m over getting taken care of. I wanna take care of myself and I can’t do that living with Mom and Dad. Besides, college is going to be stressful and I can’t have babies screaming in the background while I try to do my homework.”

“So now my kids are distractions?” She said with a glare.

“Uh..yeah sorta…” I said.

“Ugh, whatever Yules…I guess I’ll see you at Thanksgiving dinners once a year.” she said stomping off.

“Yanna, come on!” I said rolling my eyes.

“Whatever! Excuse my while I change my distracting daughters diaper!” She went into the nursery and slammed the door.

Sigh. I decided to get a shower and get out before I pissed anyone else off.

Before I could escape, Dad stopped me.

“You know if you need anything, you have my credit card still.”

“Dad, I put it back in your wallet. I don’t want to be a leech.”

“You did? Well…why don’t you keep it…I don’t want to worry you’re not eating.”

Was I going to eat the plastic if I got hungry enough?

“Dad I’ll be fine…I swear. I’m not an idiot. I have enough saved from working at the diner to-”

“At least let me put a few thousand in an account for you incase you need it. I won’t even check it’s balance so if you fall on hard times you can use it.”

I sighed. “Fine whatever you want to do. It’s not like I’m moving to France. I’ll be like fifteen minutes across town.”

“I just…it’s hard losing another daughter. I feel worse about you leaving than when Lilly moved out. I’d rather have Yanna go than you.”

“You’re not losing me, Dad. Don’t you remember how you wanted to move out of your parents house when you were my age and get on with your own life?”

“Yeah…I do.”

“Then stop making me feel guilty and treating me like I am incompetent. Dad, you raised me…don’t you trust yourself enough to think you did it right and instilled the right decisions in me and know I’m gonna be okay?”

“Well…for the most part yes…”

“Okay then.”

He sighed and hugged me. “I love you Yuliya. You will always be my little girl. I still remember you running out of your room with a new drawing to put on the fridge. I’m gonna miss your pep talks too.”

I hugged him back. “I love you too Daddy and I’m gonna miss you the most out of everyone.”

“I’ll go put your suitcases in the car…” he said after pulling away and giving me the last-chance puppy dog eyes.

I went out to the livingroom to find my mother wringing her hands in anticipation of the moment I walked out the door.

“Yuli, you know you can call if you need to talk about anything…I mean anything..”

“I know Mom.”

“Okay…and you bought groceries right? And Tupperware for storing left overs….I don’t want you eating fast food every night. You’ll lose your figure.”

“Yes Mom.”

“Okay, well… this is it. You better say goodbye to your nieces. They will miss you.”

I walked over to the kitchen where they were finishing up breakfast.

“Uuuleee!” Sasha said as I lifted her into my arms.

“Hey Sasha…Auntie Yuli is going to go bye-bye now.”

“Nooo..” Sasha cried, her big brown eyes watering.

“Aww I’ll come back to visit all the time and we will have tea parties and I’ll paint your toe nails blue again, I promise.” I said hugging her.

“Miss yew..” she whispered, squeezing me.

Awww… “Miss you too.”

I passed her off to my mom and went to Charlotte.

“Hey Lottie…time for me to go.” I said lifting her out of her high chair and brushing the crumbs off her.

“I come?”

“No, you can’t come with me…but I’ll come get you sometime and take you to the park.”


“Not today. Soon.”

“Okie. Lottie Luv Yulie..” She said hugging me.

I teared up. “I love you too Lottie.” As much noise and complete insanity these two girls brought to our lives, I was gonna miss them so much.

I carried Charlotte to my sister who looked me over with a frown. She was obviously still mad about my distraction comment.

“Yanna, you know I love Lottie and Sasha more than anything and I didn’t mean-”

“I know. Don’t worry about it…I’m just…moody.”

I sighed. “Wow, I never thought to say I had to say goodbye to you would come..let alone I’d be sad about it.”

She smiled. “Yeah, it sucks more than I thought it would.”

We both got teary eyed and laughed.

“Seriously though, Yuli…I want a phone call every day, even if it’s just to tell me you’re bored and you miss me. I’ll come spend the night if you get lonely…just…don’t forget me okay?”

“Yanna…as much as I’d like to at times…I could never forget you.”

“Aww..don’t goo!” she whined hugging me.

“I’ll call you Yans.”

“Love you.”

“Love you too.”

I walked out to my car and they followed like lost puppies. I turned to stare into their sad faces and I tried my best to stay strong.

“Call me tonight when you get settled in.”

“I will Dad.”

“Here, just incase…” he said stepping forward and shoving some simoleons in my pocket before squeezing me. “I’m gonna miss you so much Yuli-balooey. I love you.”

“I’ll miss you too, Dad.”

“You better keep your promise to call…” Yanna said taking her turn to squeeze me. “I’m gonna miss you so much Yuli, ” She said in a squeaky crying voice.

Mom stepped in and hugged me next. “Good luck sweetheart.”

“Thanks…” I said, swallowing the frog in my throat and wiping the corner of my eye. I felt my resistance fading and I thought I might stay one more night. No, I had to go now before I never did!

I gave one last wave and got into my car and pulled out of the drive way. I didn’t look back and let myself cry until they were in my rearview mirror. The truth was…I was homesick already but the sense of freedom was amazing. I actually had butterflies.

The next morning I woke up early and sat in my apartment with the TV on and realized I was suddenly lonely. What do people  who live alone do to keep from going crazy. Yeah I could paint something…or work on a composition…but…I kinda wanted company.

As if someone read my mind, my cell phone rang. Unfortunately it wasn’t Ayhan or someone I actually wanted to hang out with…it was Yanna.

“Hey.” I said.

“Hey, just making sure you made it through the night. How’s living by yourself?”

“It’s great.”

“Then why are you up so early?”

“It was my inner being worrying that everyone died because it’s so damn peaceful!”

“Yeah right. You miss me.”

“Yeah,okay…” I rolled my eyes.

“Hey, I want to come see your new place and I need a break from the girls. Can I spend the night?”

“Yanna I’ve been gone twelve hours.”

“So…can I?”

“Oh fine.”

“I’ll be over soon! Let me go tell Brandon he is watching the kids…oh here’s Dad he wants to talk to you…BRANDON!”

I held the phone away from my ear.

“Hey Pumpkin, how’s living large?” Dad asked.

“It’s great, I love my apartment.”

“Good…maybe I can come over and see it soon, after work one day.”

“Sounds great Dad.” I blinked as my phone started beeping, letting me know another call was coming in. It was Ayhan. “Dad I gotta go, Ayhan’s calling me.”

“Okay, take care. Love you Yulibalo-”

I switched calls. “Hello?”

“Hey Yules, whats up? Did you move out yet?”

“Yeah, yesterday. I spent my first night in my apartment alone.”

“Awesome. When do you start your classes?”

“Next week. How are your’s going?”

“Good..good. Boring for the most part…I just came for the baseball, which we have practiced all the time.”

“Cool, so when are you coming to visit, I haven’t seen you in a month.”

“Yeah I know, I miss you. I might be down this weekend…been busy you know…”

My heart sunk. He was always too busy.

“Yeah, I know.”

“I gotta get going, practice starts in thirty minutes. Just thought I’d check up on ya, see how things were.”

“Kay, talk to you soon.”

“Yep, bye.”

I frowned as the line went dead. Sometimes talking to him was worse than not at all. This long distance relationship thing was harder than I ever expected. It felt like we were further apart than ever.

I decided to dote upon my only room-mate, my goldfish, Lucky. I gave him a few extra shakes of fish flakes as a present for surviving the move and not dying.

It didn’t take long before my sister knocked on my door.

“Hiiii!” she squealed, pouncing me as if she had not seen me in years.

“You’re so obnoxious…” I said hugging her back.

She ignored my comment. “So Dad is driving me crazy! He’s like, make sure she has food in the fridge and she really did buy furniture and she’s not sleeping on the floor. He seriously has lost his mind Yuli.”

I laughed. Poor Dad, always worrying.

“So I was thinking, I’ll spend the night and we can go get our nails done or something tomorrow. My treat.”

“You mean Dad’s treat.”

“Yeah whatever…you should get your hair done too. You need a new look Yuli, you’re in college now.”

“My hair is fine.” I said frowning, self conscious suddenly. For some stupid reason I always  took my sisters comments about my appearance to heart. Maybe because truthfully, the girl did have better fashion sense than anyone I knew. I would never tell her that though.

“Yeah but your turning over a new tree…you need a new style.”

“It’s a new leaf Yanna…turning over a new leaf.”


“Never mind.” I give up.

“So anyway I-” she stopped in mid-sentence and looked past me, putting on her “I see a hot boy face”. “Well hello…”

“Hello.” I heard a male’s voice come from behind me.

I turned around to see a guy who looked like he stepped out of my “bad” dreams.

“Hi.” I said still staring at him.

“You girls must be the new neighbors. I’m Josh Grey, I live upstairs.”

Oh my god…there is such a thing as amazing luck and I had it.

“Oh, no I don’t live here but I wish I did,” Yanna said in her flirty voice. “I”m Yanna Lime and this is my sister, Yuliya, she’s your neighbor.”

“Hi.” I repeated blushing and sweating. “Nice to meet you.”

Good going Yules.  If I had an ounce of a flirt trait in my bones, I’d be scary.

Yanna gasped. “You know what we should do, have a house warming party!”

“No…No…” I repeated. “I don’t want everyone-”

“Oh common Yuli, it would be so fun. You’re invited Josh.”

“I am actually having a party at my place tonight if you girls wanna stop by.”

“Really? We’d love to.”

“Actually,” I said, brushing my hand over my “boring hair”. “I have tons of stuff to still unpack and-”

“Oh my gawd, Yuli, I didn’t come over here to unpack your crap. Let’s go to the party it will be fun. I haven’t been out in like a year or something since before I was pregnant with the girls!”

“The girls?” Josh asked.

“Yeah, I have twin-daughters.”

“Wow, you look like your too young.” Josh said.

“She is. She’s sixteen.” I said.

“Whatever I am seventeen now thank you.” she said, as if that was an eon older.

Josh and I just looked at eachother. I shook my head.

“So, are you going to college at Sunset U?” he asked, smiling at me.

“Yep. I’m studying performing arts…but I think I’m going to be majoring music.”

“Music? Do you play an instrument?”  he asked.

“Yeah, I play guitar.”

“I do too…”

“Really? that’s so cool!” I said, alittle to excited. Hey I had a neighbor with something in common and he was hot!

 “Maybe we can jam together sometime.” he suggested.

“Sounds awesome..” I said smiling.

Yanna cleared her throat. “So are we going to this party or what? I need to fix my make up.”

I glanced over at Josh’s hot face and sexy smile and I couldn’t resist. “Sure…we can go.”

“I knew you would come around,” Josh grinned. “What’s your name again?”

“Yuliya…everyone calls me Yuli though.”

“Yuli, I like that. I’ll see you tonight Yuli and Yanni.”


He just smiled at me again and walked past us and headed back upstairs.

“Oh wow…” I breathed, calming my hormones.

My sister squeezed my arm. “He is so hot! You are so lucky…I am so visiting more often.”

So we showed up at the party after we watched at least five people head upstairs. There were some familiar faces but not many. I guessed  Josh didn’t hang out with very many people we knew. Yanna left me to my wall flower ways so she could go mingle and make new friends who she had to convince she was important even though she had kids.

As I was enjoying my alone time, blending into the wall paper a familiar face walked up to me.

“Oh my god, Yuliya Lime!” Amber Davenport squealed excitedly. “What are you doing here?!”

“Ohh..I just live downstairs,” I said shrugging. “Josh invited me up cause he felt bad for me probably.”

She laughed. “Well it’s good to see a familiar face here. I don’t really like a lot of Josh’s friends. They are so…grungy. It’s like…have you heard of a washing machine or a bottle of shampoo?”

I forced a laugh.

“So, how’s life after highschool?” I asked, hoping to hear she wasn’t doing spectacular like she was in high school.

“Ohh, it’s amazing…I run a sorority. There are four of us now, we are looking for one more person. Hey! Why don’t you stop by and see if you fit in. We could use someone like you.”

I was shocked. Me in a sorority with Amber Davenport? “Uhh..what? Me?”

“Yeah! You would totally mesh with us. We are like sisters.”

I could not see myself being ambers…sister. I already had one overly obnoxious ditzy sister. I didn’t need another one.

“Well uh…I just signed my lease on the apartment downstairs and…”

“It would be rent free if you lived with us. My Dad, John Davenport…you know…the mayor..bought it for us.”

“Yeah, um…okay maybe I’ll stop by.”

“Super. I’ll be expecting you.” she said grinning. We both glanced over as Josh stepped up.

“Hey ladies.”

“Oh hey baby…” she said leaning in and kissing him right on the lips.

I thought I felt my jaw hit the floor. Josh was with Amber? No way! They were like polar opposites!

“You met Yuli, Amber?”

“I went to school with her dufus!” She said giggling and wiping the corner of her lips. Oh no…he kissed her and messed up her make up.

“Oh did you? I thought she was older. Your eighteen Yuliya?”

“Yeah.” I nodded.

“Wow, you seem more mature than most eighteen year olds.”

I opened my mouth to agree then Amber jumped in.

“What the hell does that mean, Joshua? Are you saying I am immature?”

Josh blinked. “No…I just meant-”

“I know what you meant! You mean’t me. Well you know what, you find another eighteen year old that’s gonna let you ride her father’s harley and buy you a tatoo table just because your hot!”

“What! Amber, calm down. I was just saying most eighteen year olds are immature. Not you. If you were I wouldn’t be with you baby.”

Oy…it seems he was a good liar too.

“You mean it?” She asked, pouting.

“Yes, I mean it.”

“Well…” she paused as if she had to think about it. “Okay…” she smiled, “I forgive you Joshy.”

Joshy? She just tore his dignity out and stomped it under her stiletto.

I was thankful when my sister stepped over to us, saving me from watching them possibly swap spit again.

“Hey Yuli…Josh…Oh my gawd AMBER!”

“YANNA!” They did their girly hug squeal annoying thing. I should have known they would know eachother. Then they went into a one-hundred mile an hour conversation that sounded like this….


Josh and I just glanced at one another.

“She invited you to her sorority? Yuliya you are so frickin lucky! How fun…! I’ll visit like every day and we can go shopping Amber.”

“Yes!” Amber agreed. “That would be so fun. It’s so sad you didn’t go to college or I’d invite you Yanna.”

Kill me now.

“I Might…MIGHT…join Yanna. Calm down. I might not be a good fit…” I said, quickly.

“Oh shut up Yuliya. I told you if we do your hair and buy you some nice clothes you’ll totally fit in.”

“I don’t need new clothes.”

“Yuliya, seriously, you have had those jeans since 11th grade.”

I turned so red I thought I was purple. “Yanna.” I said through my teeth.

“What? It’s true. She’s so rockstar…she keeps her clothes forever I-”

“Excuse us…” I yanked her far enough away from them so that I could hit her and they wouldn’t hear her scream.

“What is the matter with you!” I socked her in the arm.

“Ouch!” She cried. “What the hell Yuli, it’s true.”

“Don’t tell Amber Davenport my pants-” I socked her again for good measure, “are like three years old! You make me sound like a bum.”

“Ouchie!” she wailed again holding her arm. “Okay! I’m sorry, I was just trying to make you sound like a rockstar infront of Josh. He’s super hot you should totally dump Ayhan and go out with him.”

“He’s with Amber you idiot. You know what, you’ve embarassed me enough for one night. Lets go.”

“But I was just- wait he’s with Amber?”

I headed for the door. “Yanna, NOW.”

We got back to my apartment and changed into our sleeping clothes and laid on the bed. I was still pissed she told them I had three year old jeans.

“I still think you should join her sorority. It would be so fun.”

“Maybe for you.”

“What’s that mean? You know what, don’t hate me because I didn’t forget what fun is. This is supposed to be the best time of your life and your wasting it being you.”

“Thats a matter of opinion.”

“Yuli, you really should get out more. All you do is sit in your little room and write songs about how horrible life is. Maybe if you got out once in a while you would realize it’s not so bad. You have to experience things to really be an awesome musician.”

I blinked almost feeling my sister bestowed wisdom upon me. Nevermind.

“What do you know Yanna? So you went to a few parties in highschool, made out with like ten guys…”

“It’s like eight, don’t make me sound like a hussy.”

I rolled my eyes. “Whatever. You haven’t experienced life.”

“I never said I did…but I want you to. It’s too late for me Yuli…I want you to have fun.”

“I do have fun…” I said half-heartedly.

“Yeah right. Your only good friend, your boyfriend lives eighty miles away, and doesn’t come see you. You live alone, writing music and painting. You are like a fifty year old trapped in a eighteen year olds body.”

“In my defense, I don’t need to have fun with you and this family. You guys are exhausting and when I get a moment of sanity I savor it.”

“Yeah but you live alone now Yuliya. You don’t have us anymore….it’s time to move on. Your awesome and you have so much potential…you should start using it, not hide in your apartment like some hermit.” She rolled over and nuzzled into her pillow.

Maybe she was right. Maybe I did need to live a little and experience things. All the great artists always traveled and experienced new things….but I wasn’t cutting my hair.

The next morning I woke up early to the sounds of my sisters guttural snoring. I glared over at her and for a split second I wanted to smother her with my pillow but I refrained.

I got up and made pancakes instead. Then she could go home and tell my dad not only did I have food..I could cook it too.

While I was making the pancakes Yanna woke up.

“Mm..something smells good. Is my favorite sister making me breakfast?”

“Yeah, sit down and don’t help.”

She sat down at my table and waited for me to finish.

After I was done I served us both.

“These are seriously amazing pancakes. Better than Dads.”

“Thanks.”  I said, giving myself a mental pat on the back.

“So are we going to get our nails done and cut your hair?”

“Nah, that sounds too productive. Let’s go swimming.”

“Okay, I need to work on my tan.”

“Ayhan was supposed to be in town this weekend, maybe I’ll call him and ask if he wants to come.”

Yanna rolled her eyes. “The boyfriend who never calls? Why don’t you ask James?”

“James is probably still recovering from his party.”

“Maybe we can bring him some pancakes.”

“I’m gonna call Ayhan.” I stood up. “Do the dishes.”

She obeyed while I dialed Ayhan’s number in my cell.

“Hello?” he answered.

“Hey, it’s me. Are you coming to town today or not?”

“I dunno yet…” he laughed and seemed distracted.


“Yeah?” he asked.

“Were going to the pool today, so if you were in town I was gonna ask if you wanted to-” I was cut off by his laughter and talking to someone else in the background.

“Nevermind…I’ll talk to you soon.”

“Okay, see ya Yules.”

“See ya.”

I hung up and frowned.

“Is he coming?”

“No. I’m so tired of him making excuses! I’m busy…I can’t this weekend Yules I have practice…I have homework…I have a cold…”

My sister frowned at me. “Yules…I’m only saying this because I love you…but…have you ever thought that maybe you and Ayhan aren’t forever material and maybe you guys should just be friends?”

I frowned. “Yeah, I thought about it.”

“Well, why don’t you? You might meet someone awesome in college this year…why waste your time on Ayhan when obviously he doesn’t care enough to even come see you.”

I sighed. “You might be right.”

“I am right. Trust me. Let’s go get our swim suits on and have some fun. Forget Ayhan,Yuli.”

Easier said than done.

After we got our swimsuits on we stepped out of the house to head to the pool and I stopped dead in my tracks. Josh was sitting on the porch looking at the paper.

He glanced up and I thought I was going to die of embarrassment, I usually wore a one piece but Yanna talked me into a two piece because I needed to find a new boyfriend. Unfortunately the only guy who made me squirm was staring at me now and had a girlfriend.

“Hey there, morning.” He said looking me over.


“You girls look hot, going to the pool?”

“Hey Josh. Yep were heading out to the pool, you wanna come?” Yanna asked.

I almost screamed NO! but I held it in and glared at my sister. “We won’t be there long…”

“Hmm..I don’t have much else to do today. I am job hunting at the moment so I have an interview at ten…but if you girls are still there after I’d love to join you.”

“Awesome,” Yanna said. “Oh by the way, that was a great party last night. I didn’t know you were dating Amber Davenport, isn’t she super cool?”

“Yeah, she’s alright. Sorta immature.” He smirked at me and I laughed.

“What?” Yanna said seeing we had an inside joke that didn’t involve her.

“Nothin’,” Josh said shaking his head. “I’m glad you had a great time. You both are welcome to any parties I have, just listen for the music and you’ll know whats happening.”

I smiled. “Kay.”

“Nice suit by the way Yuliya and I thought your jeans were awesome.”

Ohmigawd. I turned three shades of pink again. “Oh…right…thanks. I like your leather jacket…the one you had on yesterday I mean.”

“Thanks, it was my Dads. Heirloom.”

“Awesome,” I said grinning.

“Yeah okay…lets go to the pool now…” My sister said grabbing my wrist and dragging me off.

As we drove to the pool she teased me about Josh.

“You were SO flirting with him.”

“I was not.”

Yes you were.”

“No I wasn’t. I don’t know how to flirt.”

“I like your jaccckeett…” she mocked.

“Shut up, it was a cool jacket. And it doesn’t matter anyway I have a boyfriend and he has a girlfriend.”

“Yeah and?”


We finally got to the pool and found two vacant chairs to lay out and get some sun.

“Wow, a bunch of uglies at the pool today. All the hot guys must be at the gym or on job interviews.” Yanna said.

“I thought we were here to swim not watch guys.”

“Yuliya, you can swim, tan and watch guys at the same time. Duh.”

“Am I really related to you?” I asked, glaring over at her.

“Fortunately for you, you are. I am going for a swim.”

“Have fun.” I said. Good riddance.

After she left my chair got shady so I moved to a sunnier spot.

As I was laying there, mind my own buisness…someone stood over my chair and cast a shadow over me. I looked up to see Josh.

“Hey.” He said smiling.

“Oh..what are you doing here?” I asked, sitting up so fast I almost fell off the chair.

He laughed. “Wow, is that any way to greet a fellow musician. You guys invited me remember?”

“I didn’t mean it like that…it’s just your early…didn’t you have an interview.”

“I know what you meant Yuli.  The spot filled before I could get to it. So is life of a musician…that’s okay though. Now I can spend the afternoon soaking up some sun and getting to know my new neighbor.”

I felt my heart flutter. “Those are some sweet tats you have.”

“Thanks. Do you have any?”

“No, not yet. My Dad would kill me.”

“Every musician has a tat. I am also a tatoo artist. I could design you one if you want.”

“That would be sweet. I’d love you..it! I’d love it.”

I wanted to evaporate.

He laughed. “Sweet. I need to go rent a towel…I’ll see you in the pool?”


He smiled and walked off.

After he was out of sight I jumped into the pool to cool myself off and find my sister.

“Yanna….Yanna!” I called swimming up behind her.

“What?” she asked.

“He’s here!”



“Ohmigawd. Is he in swimming trunks.” Her head swiveled around, looking for him.

“Yes, he’s getting a towel. I totally embarrassed myself…again.”

“We need to get your classes in flirting.”

“I don’t think those exist…it’s suppose to be natural but unfortunately I think I inherited Dad’s genes when it comes to flirting.”

“Shush…he’s coming.” Yanna smiled past me and waved to him. “Wow…he’s like model hot. Look at his pecs!”

“I know…” I agreed.

“Amber is soo lucky.”

He dived into the pool and swam over to us.

“The waters nice…I haven’t been swimming in forever.”

“Me neither,” I lied.

“I’ll leave you two alone.” Yanna said winking at me and swimming away.

I wanted to drown her.

We ended up talking about our favorite bands and he told me stories about his funny gigs he had done with his garage band called Social Mockery.

As we were chatting and semi flirting, someone else showed up at the pool. Ayhan.

Yanna alerted me with her big mouth by squealing. “OHMYGAWD AYHAN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!”

I almost ducked under the water. I spun around to see him standing at the pool side, looking for me.

“You know that guy?” Josh asked.

“Yeah…sorta.” I said. “I’ll be back.” I said swimming over to the side of the pool.

I felt so nervous and guilty even though I really had no reason to. It’s not like I was cheating on him by hanging out with Josh right?

“Hey!” I said pulling myself up out of the pool to greet him.

“Hey Yules.”

“I wasn’t expecting you to show up…” I said trembling and dripping water.

“I wanted to surprise you…” He said grinning.

“Well, I’m really surprised!” I said laughing nervously and looking over to see Josh approaching us.

“I missed you so much Yules…” he said pulling me close.

“I missed you too,” I said as he pressed his lips to mine in one of his amazing “make me melt only the way Ayhan can only do to me” kisses.

Yanna cleared her throat. “Okay guys, get a room…”

Ayhan gave me a pat on the rear. “Lookin hot Yules…I bet I’m making every guy in this pool jealous.”

“You’re making one guy jealous for sure.” Josh said.

I felt dizzy with embarrassment. I laughed it off as Ayhan turned to Josh with a questioning glare.

“I’m Josh,” Josh said offering his hand. “Yuli’s new neighbor.”

“Right…I’m Ayhan…her boyfriend.” Oh gawd…here we go.

“She didn’t mention you to me, but it’s good to meet you. You’re a lucky guy.”

“I know.” Ayhan said looking at me. I could tell he was pissed.

I smiled sheepishly.

“Well I guess then unmentionable boyfriend will go grab a towel then…unless you’d rather meet up later?” Ayhan asked with venom.

I frowned. “Well, we weren’t gonna be here much longer actually…”

“So much for the surprise arrival then.” he looked at me, then Josh, then Yanna and moved through us.

“Ayhan!” I called after him. He didn’t turn around.

I sighed and grabbed my head. “Great, now he’s mad!”

“Was it something I said…?” Josh asked.

“No…he’s just like that.” Yanna said.

“Someone should tell him the towel rental closed an hour ago.” Josh said, stepping forward to follow him. I wanted to stop him but I figured it couldn’t get much worse.

I followed Josh, hoping Ayhan didn’t have one of his outbursts and throw him in the pool let alone get his own butt kicked. Josh wasn’t Luc. I stepped over in time to hear Josh apologizing to Ayhan about his comment. Ayhan seemed cordial and accepted it.

“Hey Ayhan, since you’re in town you and Yuli should spend some time together, she totally misses you.” Yanna said, obviously trying to convince Ayhan I wasn’t hot for Josh.

“Yeah, I miss her too. I think I’m gonna head back to my parents. I’ll come visit you tomorrow if that’s okay Yuli…I’m beat after that drive.”

“Yeah…that’s fine. Um…call me?”

He hugged me. “I will. Love you..” he said squeezing me.

Josh was watching us…how awkward. “Love you too.”

Ayhan pulled away and smiled, but I could tell he was still a little uneased by my new neighbor.

After he left, Yanna and I gathered our things and all three of us left.

Later that night after Yanna went home. I was relaxing, listening to music when there was a knock on my door. I opened it to see Josh standing there.

“Hey Yuliya…I noticed your sister’s car was gone. Are you alone?”

“Yeah she left about thirty minutes ago.”

“Cool..well, I was gonna go upstairs and have dinner alone but then I thought I’d ask you if you wanted a chili burger from the diner,” he held up the bag of burgers. “I got three and I usually only eat two.”

“Sure. I used to make those when I waitressed at the diner. The chili is really disgusting…but I love it.”

He grinned. “I knew I liked you.”

I invited him in and we sat down at my table and tore into our chili burgers. I know I should have been embarrassed to eat a chili burger in front of a hot guy, but after we hung out at the pool I felt more comfortable around him.

“So what else do you do besides play the guitar?” he asked.

“I paint. I painted most of the artwork on my walls.”

“You are pretty talented Yuliya. You don’t meet to many girls with talent like yours.”

“Thanks…” I said blushing and getting up to take my plate to the sink. “Doesn’t Amber do anything special?”

“Yeah, she is awesome at woo-hoo.”

I blushed. “Didn’t need to hear that…” I said turning on the water.

“Sorry. You asked.”

“I did didn’t I? I asked, mental head slapping myself. “I’ll be more discreet next time with my random questioning.”

I glanced over my shoulder to see him staring at my butt. He looked away grabbing his plate.

Ohmygawd…I felt inner turmoil churning. I so could have this guy as my boyfriend…I could dump Ayhan…but did I want too?

I held my hand out for his plate. He gave me a playful shove away from the sink. “I got it. I don’t need to be waited on like I’m some guest.”

I smiled. “You’re going to probably be a pest soon enough.”

“That’s the goal.” he teased. “So play me something on your guitar.”


My electric guitar was still packed so I used my regular one instead. I played him a short piece I had written in highschool. It was a rock-indie sounding piece. He seemed to enjoy it.

Afterward he applauded. “That was written by you?”

“Yeah.” I nodded stepping the guitar aside.

“Yuliya, why aren’t you in a band? You are freakishly good for your age.”

“I dunno, I never tried to join one.”

“Well come jam with my band next week, they would love to meet you and hear that piece.”

“Really?” I said smiling.

“Yeah really.”

I smiled at him. “Okay…I’ll come.”

Maybe Yanna was right. I did need to live a little and I was starting today…even if the advice was coming from a bad influence.

To be continued….

-Will Ayhan see through Yuliya and notice her eyes for Josh?

– Will Ayhan realize he can lose Yuliya before it’s too late?

-Will Yuli decide to join Amber’s sorority after all?

find out in chapter 2, coming soon.



  1. OMG! I loved it:) I am so excited now. I can’t wait to see what happens next:) Keep writing:D Oh btw cute baby. I mean yours in real life:)

    • Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the chapter and thanks for the compliment on Alex, he is a sweetie!

  2. Loved it! 🙂 I’ve been chekcking every day for the new College series! LOL at first I thought Ayhan was with Ana in the background in Yuliya’s call… but he was being all jealous with Josh. Hmmmmmmmm…

    • Thanks Jewely! I am glad you loved the chapter and I would have thought the same thing about Ayhan, you never know that might have been who it was in the background!

  3. oh my gosh, you are a AWESOME story writer. i love reading you stories! they are so real and life like!!!!hey, and, even only some people comment on your stories, ALOT of people read them! they are awesome!

    • Thank you so much Alaunna! I do try to make my characters as life like as possible, because with out them you wouldn’t keep reading! I keep writing because of my awesome readers like you. So thanks for your comment, it made my day. 🙂

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