Just incase you have not read the first series of Yuliya’s life, I have made it easy to access here in one post!

Chapter 1- Robbed and Replaced

When Yuliya Lime woke up to the news of her sisters house being broken into, she knew it was going to be a bad day. It gets worse when she finds out her lifelong bestfriend and crush, has the hots for the new girl in Sunset Valley. Top that off with her father dating a younger woman! Will Yuliya be able to handle the drama?

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(recommended)Blog Version- simaticsims.wordpress.com/?p=4&preview=true

Chapter 2- Lost and Found

Yuliya’s finds out that her father’s new date Michelle is worse than she could have ever imagined. When she insults Michelle and airs the families dirty laundry, she gets grounded for a week. In rebellion, Yuliya decides shes going to find her real mother and find out the truth about her past. Find out what happens!

TS3 Version- www.thesims3.com/contentDetail.html?contentId=152890
(recommended) Blog Version simaticsims.wordpress.com/yuliyachapterone/yuliyachapter

Chapter 3- Going For Broke

Yuliya’s younger sister Yanna has a new love interest and her father’s not happy about it. Yuliya visits Ayhan and finally tells him how she feels…but is she too late?

TS3 Version- www.thesims3.com/contentDetail.html?contentId=156429
(recommended) Blog Version-simaticsims.wordpress.com/yuliyachaptero…r-3-going-for-broke/

Chapter 4- Flawed Judgement

Yuliya’s older sister has a new boyfriend that the family isn’t to sure about. Yuliya goe’s to a party with her sister Yanna and get’s more “fun” than she bargained for.

TS3 Version-www.thesims3.com/contentDetail.html?contentId=162671
(recommended) BLOG Version-simaticsims.wordpress.com/yuliyachaptero…-4-flawed-judgement/

Chapter 5- Old, New, and BlueTS3 Version- www.thesims3.com/contentDetail.html?contentId=166002
BLOG Version- simaticsims.wordpress.com/yuliyachaptero…-5-old-new-and-blue/

Yuliya attends her older sister Lilly’s wedding shower and it proves to have more drama than anyone expected. Will the family be able to look past Lilly’s unsavory choice for a husband? Find out!

Chapter 6- From France with Love

Yuliya and her sister’s are off to France for a spring break they will never forget. Yuliya finds a summer fling and Yanna has a secret about to be revealed!

TS3 Version-www.thesims3.com/contentDetail.html?contentId=225619
Blog Version-simaticsims.wordpress.com/yuliyachaptero…om-france-with-love/

Chapter 7- Matters of Life and Death

Yuliya’s dramatic life continues when her crush decides he might just want to date her now that she has a boyfriend, her sister’s secret pregnancy is about to be discovered and a death shakes up the whole situation. Read on!

TS3 Version-www.thesims3.com/contentDetail.html?contentId=248660
Blog Version-simaticsims.wordpress.com/yuliyachaptero…s-of-life-and-death/

Chapter 8- Party Crasher

It’s Yuliya’s eighteenth birthday and she has a wish come true that she regrets!

TS3 Version- www.thesims3.com/contentDetail.html?contentId=262083
Blog Version-simaticsims.wordpress.com/yuliyachaptero…lime-party-problems/

Chapter 9- Dramatically Ever After (Finale)

*SERIES FINALE* Yuliya and Ayhan are going to prom and woo-hoo is on the menu, Yanna is ready to have her baby, Ana is after Ayhan again and Michelle is back with a bombshell that rattles Ben and Eva’s perfect plans!


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